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Frequently asked questions

On this page, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions for EuroPark and answers to these.

Herlev hospital

Is there a charge for parking at Herlev Hospital?

No, it is free of charge to park at Herlev Hospital.

Must I set my parking disc?

There are multiple areas on the parking lot in which parking is time limited. Please remember to set your parking disc and be aware of the signs on the parking lot which informs about the specific rules for parking in the area.

Is it possible to prolong my parking?

If you are parked in a 3-hour zone and need to park longer than three hours, you can prolong your parking. Ask the secretary at the department of the hospital you are visiting. Please note, that you must give information on the vehicle’s registration number (license plate) and perhaps your phone number. 

Can I charge my electric car?

Yes, there are multiple charging points at Herlev Hospital. Please note that the signs near the charging points show the specific rules around the charging points.

Can I park unrestricted with my handicap card?

You may park on all spots marked with handicap parking if you have a valid and visible handicap card. There is no time limit for parking in handicap stalls.

If it is not possible to find a vacant handicap stall, you are allowed to park for unlimited time in the time limited zones if you have valid and visible handicap card.

Are there areas on the parking lot in which I am not allowed to park?

Yes, there are areas on the parking lot in which you may not park. In these areas you will find signage saying: ”Parkering forbudt” (Translated: “Parking not permitted”).

I have received a parking fee. How do I pay it?

You can pay the parking fee on this website under payment, on which you will also be guided as to how to do it.

You can also pay via online banking using the payment identification number on the parking fee.

I have received a parking fee, but I would like to make a complaint.

You can make an inquiry about the parking fee to EuroPark by using the form on this website under inquiry.

Where can I find a key map of the staircase number and parking on Herlev Hospital?

You can find a key map on Herlevhospital.dk